What is (order) fulfillment?

02 Jan 2020

Many (web) retailers may not immediately need to outsource all kinds of things. But as your business grows, you can get to the point of having “the back end” of the ordering process done by so-called fulfillment specialists.

What is fulfillment then?

Almost all processes that start when a customer presses “order” can fall under fulfillment. To know:

  • Administrative processing of the order
  • Sending an order confirmation
  • The logistics process;
  • Managing inventory (warehousing)
  • Order sourcing: in stock or on order?
  • Preparing / packing the order Delivery
  • Receiving returns
  • Invoicing to the customer
  • Processing (refund) payments
  • Customer service

What are the advantages?

The most important advantage is of course that the entrepreneur has his hands free to do what he likes most, namely entrepreneurship. But there’s more;

  • Continuity: Many entrepreneurs work alone or with a small team, in case of illness or dropout the process just continues.
  • Flexibility: Every industry has peaks and troughs in the number of orders, by outsourcing fulfillment you never have problems with staffing.
  • Expertise: You make use of the expertise of the fulfillment provider in the field of logistics, collection, payments and / or customer service.

Fulfillment at Pronk Fulfillment

You can really help a customer by listening carefully to his / her wishes and by offering a tailor-made solution. This means that we continue where our competitors stop. Pronk Fulfillment is a full-service, all-round specialist for Warehousing and (E) fulfillment. We carry out all logistics processes in-house. The storage and storage of products in our own company halls, setting up, furnishing, maintenance, management and hosting of specific (choice) websites, processing / order picking, transport, handling returns and providing customer service . We also have an in-house IT team for which no technical challenge is too great and we can respond flexibly and professionally to every wish of the customer. Active support in marketing and communication is also possible. We always think along with the customer (solicited and unsolicited), with only 1 goal, to arrive at the best solution. Because let’s face it, the customer’s success = our success!

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