Realtime or afterwards?

Depending on the wishes of the customer, reports can be set up as required at Pronk Fulfillment. Do you want real-time insight into your stocks or even direct feedback for a current stock display in your webshop? Or do you prefer a daily overview of all transactions and stock movements of the day? Everything is possible. Thanks to a flexible WMS system and a professional IT team, reports can be set up the way you want. In addition, you can have direct access to our WMS system through a Personal Interface and you can even enter or adjust orders directly.

Secure Storage

All our facilities are protected against fire and burglary

Well-kept facilities

Well maintained warehouses, neat and heated

Personal contact

Always a fixed point of contact, proactive communication and tailor-made advice

Service - service - service

Every customer is different, so our service is always tailor-made and we do what we promise.

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