Customer Service

At least as important as good logistical handling of the orders is the of handling questions, complaints and returns. At Pronk Fulfillment, a specialized team of professionals takes care of communicating with you or your customers in a pleasant and knowledgeable manner, be it by telephone, e-mail, WhatsApp or chat.

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Secure Storage

All our facilities are protected against fire and burglary

Well-kept facilities

Well maintained warehouses, neat and heated

Personal contact

Always a fixed point of contact, proactive communication and tailor-made advice

Service - service - service

Every customer is different, so our service is always tailor-made and we do what we promise.

Pronk Fulfillment has anchored core value “service” very prominently in the corporate culture. Good communication with the customer is everything and we do everything we can to always be easily accessible for our customers. Every customer has a direct point of contact in our warehouse, and the account manager always “checks” whether the communication is picked up on time. We also try to make the lines of communication as short as possible. We prefer to use a WhatsApp group in which the customer and all Pronk Fulfillment employees involved are represented. This works quickly and effectively.

To largely unburden our customers, we also have the option to take over customer service from them. We will answer the questions your customer has and solve it for you. You will receive a monthly report of this.


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