We receive goods from and for our customers from all over the world. We clear them, store them and handle all administrative processes associated with this. The customer always has up-to-date insight into his stock.

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Secure Storage

All our facilities are protected against fire and burglary

Well-kept facilities

Well maintained warehouses, neat and heated

Personal contact

Always a fixed point of contact, proactive communication and tailor-made advice

Service - service - service

Every customer is different, so our service is always tailor-made and we do what we promise.

The storage process always starts with the receipt of the goods. We have an experienced team for unloading containers and trucks. The goods are then sorted (if necessary) and put on pallets. The pallets are placed in one of the 4 warehouses and the incoming stock is entered by scanning or import into our WMS system. Our warehouses are all well maintained, clean, heated, with certified hinges and locks, cameras, alarm system and fire protection.

Value Added Services are an important part of what distinguishes Pronk Fulfillment from the competition. We do not just move boxes, but we also offer extensive service in the field of repacking, re-labeling, sorting, return handling, etc.

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