Cost savings through fulfillment

03 Mar 2020

Costs are an important facet of the decision-making process for every entrepreneur when the question arises to keep stock management and logistics in their own hands or to outsource everything to a Fulfillment specialist. In our opinion, outsourcing the complete fulfillment results in direct and often significant savings.

If we look at the costs for the logistics process, we must of course compare apples with apples and consider the costs fairly. For example, many entrepreneurs often do not include their own labor costs in the calculation. But every minute an entrepreneur spends in entering, packing, shipping, etc. of an order, is a minute in which he / she is not busy with the most important part – selling!

What are the real costs of the logistics process?
The rent of a building or the costs of a mortgage, converted to the surface area used for fulfillment Costs (purchase + depreciation) inventory, scaffolding, machines, etc. Personnel costs + social charges + sec. conditions + extra costs in case of illness IT costs (software, hardware). Time lost by sending parcels to the post, arranging customs, returns processing, customer service, etc. All these costs should be included in the calculation of the actual costs per shipment. In almost all cases, it will appear that outsourcing the entire fulfillment is not so bad.

Even stronger the knife cuts on many sides: It immediately saves time and money through more efficient use of yourself, your people and space. You have time to do what you love to do – business. But there’s more! Most fulfillment specialists can offer very competitive shipping rates. Due to a high volume of parcels and pallets, a fulfillment specialist has a better negotiating position with the transport companies (PostNL, DHL, DPD, etc.) than you often have as an individual company.

At Pronk Fulfillment, however, we go even further. What makes us different from our competitors is commitment. We prefer not to limit ourselves to ensuring that your flow of goods runs smoothly, but rather to be a true extension of your company. Pronk Fulfillment is a full-service, all-round specialist for Warehousing and (E) fulfillment. We carry out all logistics processes in-house; the storage and storage of products in our own company halls, setting up, furnishing, maintenance, management and hosting of specific (choice) websites, processing / order picking, transport, handling returns and providing customer service . Thanks to an in-house IT team, no technical challenge is too great and you can respond flexibly and professionally to your every wish. Active support in marketing and communication is also possible. We are always willing to think along with you and to work together, with only 1 goal, to arrive at the best solution. Because let’s face it, your success = our success!

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