The policy below has been drawn up by the management and is actively promoted. This policy is important for good business operations and is a guideline for continuous improvement. Every year, objectives for quality and environment will be formulated that give substance to improvement.

Being the best stands for being the best supplier of (e)fulfilment, end-of-year packages and business gifts, setting up good processes and delivering good products and services that meet and exceed the market demand.

Being reliable stands for being honest, always maintaining a good price-quality ratio, investing in the relationship with the customer and supplier and all this over a longer period of time satisfying and exceeding the expectation of customers. A deal is a deal and in compliance with laws and regulations.

Being involved with your own employees, your local community and the world community means enjoying your work and involves having a personal approach to customers, tailor-made solutions, supporting charities and the use of ‘Fair-trade’ products where possible.

Sustainability means the conscious use of raw materials and the environment. The business activities take place in the logistics services. In order to control the environmental impact of the business activities, it was decided to steer this at system level. The most important environmental aspects are transport goods, consumption of packaging material, transportation of own employees, energy consumption for buildings and paper consumption. These environmental aspects are monitored to make improvements to these aspects visible. The goal must be to reduce the environmental impact and ultimately prevent pollution of the environment. As a starting point, the applicable legal requirements apply.